Jinja is a town in southern Uganda, on the shore of Lake Victoria. The source of the Nile, at Coronation Park, is marked by a garden and a monument honoring British explorer John Hanning Speke. Owen Falls Dam and Bujagali Dam both span the Nile. Farther north on the river, Itanda Falls is known for its white-water rapids. East of Jinja, on Lake Victoria, Samuka Island is home to birdlife,including little egrets.

White Water Rafting – Nile River, Jinja

This half or full day activity will put you in the midst of the wild Nile where you and your crew will pass through class 4 and 5 rapids. Jinja’s high grade rapids and the river’s consistently high volume of water make this one of the world’s most exciting rafting destinations. Following your trip on the Nile, yourparty will enjoy a full barbecue lunch or dinner and cold drinks while you share stories of the day.

Bungee Jumping - Jinja

Travel to Bujagali just outside Jinja for this adrenaline pumping adventure. Uganda is one of the few countries in Africa where visitors can enjoy this daring sport. After being briefed, you will stand above the mighty Nile River preparing for a jump from a 44 meter cliff. With a single rope tied around both legs, your jump will find you free falling before smoothly feeling the bounce of the bungee catch you as you fly down to touch the Victoria Nile water.

Horse Back Ride - Jinja

Set out for the beautiful Nile Valley in Jinja where you will be matched with your horse for the day. Horseback riding in the valley is an adventurous activity with scenic views and the opportunity to visit local communities along the way. All groups will be accompanied by professional guides with riders of different levels given the opportunity to ride at a slower or faster pace dependent upon skill.

Sezibwa Falls Visit - Jinja

While in Jinja, visit beautiful Sezibwa Falls, a cultural site for the Buganda Kingdom, one of Uganda’s local tribes. Thought to be the dwelling for some of the tribe’s spirits, visitors can enjoy watching the clear blue water as it falls down the steep cliff and quietly flows into the forest. Follow your trip to the falls with a guided forest walk to the local snake cave where cultural rituals are performed.

Quad Biking - Jinja

Travel to Bujagali in Jinja for a half or full day quad biking adventure. You and your guides will travel off the beaten track, riding along the area’s many scenic trails, manoeuvring through forests, farms and villages, and exploring the banks of the Nile River.

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