Game Drive

Depart for Lake Mburo National Park, home to elands, Burchell's zebras, impalas and a wide variety of bird species. Lake Mburo provides a unique opportunity to see the park on foot and the chance to view vast numbers of diverse hoofed animals. Lake Mburo National Park works with local communities to create an environment in which domestic livestock peacefully coexist with the park’snative wildlife.

Night game drives are also an option in Lake Mburo and are a chance for unique wildlife viewing. You will be equipped with a spotlight to try sighting the more nocturnal animals such as leopard, hyena and perhaps even a bush baby if you are lucky!

Boat Trip

Enjoy a leisurely boat cruise on beautiful Lake Mburo. The lake, in the center of the park, provides an opportunity to see vast numbers of birds, large groups of hippos, and crocodiles basking on the shore. Cruise through the lake’s swamps, perfect hiding places for elusive species of birds, including the rare shoebill stork, one of the world’s most endangered bird species.

Day Nature Walk

In the company of a ranger guide, embark on a nature walk in Lake Mburo where you may have the chance of viewing the grazers like the Zebras, bush bucks, elands, Impalas, grazing local cattle and a vast number of birds. Visit the salt lick area where a number of animals gather to enjoy the salty taste of soil.

Horseback Safari

Horse safaris are an awesome way to see the wildlife around Mihingo Lodge. Without the noise of an engine you can hear so much more and you really feel part of nature. Riding a horse means you often get the chance to see the more timid animals. If you are very lucky you may see eland and buffalo. You will nearly always see a mixture of warthog, topi, impala, duiker, bushbuck, waterbuck and zebra. Watching animals from a horse is so peaceful and a totally different experience from being on a game drive; zebras come towards you to check out the strange relative without stripes. Even the eland that are usually very shy, look curiously at the horses without running away, but keep their distance.

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